Stonnington Community Uniting Church
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Welcome to our Community of Faith. Stonnington Community Uniting Church is a new congregation emerging from an amalgamation of the Ewing Memorial Uniting Church and Malvern East Uniting Church Congregations.
The Congregation has two Centres. The Ewing Memorial Uniting Church, 59 Burke Road Malvern East and Malvern East Uniting Centre, 54 Serrell St Malvern East.
First Sunday of the month Eucharist at 11.00 am, followed by lunch.
Second to Fifth Sundays, Spiritual Formation at 9 am, Worship at 10.15 am, followed by morning tea.
This site is an extension of our community life and you are welcome to explore who we are and what we do here. There is the opportunity for you to connect with us via the posts, and we would love to hear your thoughts and questions.
We believe in being a safe space for all people, regardless of race, creed, gender, cultural background or sexual orientation. In whatever way you would like to be part of our community, you are welcome.



Please Note: From Sunday 3rd July we are meeting at the Ewing Memorial Church, 59 Burke Road.